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Andy Zopfi 23. December 2022 0 Comments

On November 30, 2022, the EU Commission presented a new regulation on packaging and packaging waste. The new regulation is to replace the previous Directive 94/62/EC.

With the new regulation, the Commission aims to reduce packaging waste, promote the circular economy and increase the proportion of recyclates in packaging. To this end, the regulation establishes various rules in the areas of recyclability, recyclate content, recycling quotas, reuse and refill quotas, and waste reduction targets.

Under current law, the Commission criticizes rising volumes of packaging waste with a high proportion of avoidable packaging and an increasing proportion of plastics, hurdles to recycling and downcycling. The latter, according to the commission, limits the reduction of new material for packaging.

The various measures are also intended to help protect the climate: 23 million tons of CO2 equivalents are to be saved in 2030.

SVI board member Patrick Semadeni has summarized the ordinance for you on behalf of the two associations and the Swiss Packaging Institute SVI. The SVI plans to interpret the EU regulation in the coming year and to work out solutions with various groups. Zur Zusammenfassung der Verordnung