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SVI 17. August 2023 0 Comments

The path from the bidon to granules to your own packaging:
100% recycled plastic and 100% Swiss Made

Since the 90s, the Winterthur-based company Steinfels Swiss has been a pioneer in the development and manufacture of ecological cleaning agents and is established as the most sustainable producer on the Swiss market. Now a recycling cycle has been developed with Swiss partners: New bottles are created from Steinfels’ own recycled material. With this cycle, Steinfels Swiss once again meets its high standards of sustainability.
100% recycling process in Switzerland
Steinfels Swiss has been taking back empty bidons from its customers for many years. These are already fed into the binder recycling system and processed into granules. This granulate is used for applications with low quality requirements.
With certified Swiss partners with years of experience in recycling and packaging material production, a closed-loop recycling solution for high-quality granules has been pioneered over the past two years.

Media release, Winterthur, 14.08.2023
To the Steinfels press release