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  • EU environment ministers send fatal signal: packaging regulation shrinks to anti-plastics regulation
SVI 20. December 2023 0 Comments

Bad Homburg, 18 December 2023 – Following the agreement of the EU Member States on a common negotiating position on the EU Packaging Regulation (PPWR), manufacturers of plastic packaging and films are criticizing the numerous special rules for plastic packaging, exemptions for paper, cardboard and carton packaging in the case of reusable quotas and packaging bans, as well as national exemptions. “Today’s decision is a step backwards for the circular economy and will lead to a patchwork of different packaging rules in the EU internal market,” criticizes Dr. Martin Engelmann, Managing Director of the Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. “Under great time pressure, the Member States have agreed to a proposal that – if implemented as it stands – will lead to more packaging waste, less recyclable packaging and higher barriers to the exchange of packaged goods in the EU internal market,” says Engelmann. Although Federal Environment Minister Lemke spoke out in favor of material-neutral packaging regulations and against special national approaches at the EU Council meeting, she was unfortunately unable to assert herself. To the IK press release