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SVI 22. March 2024 0 Comments

In the final votes in parliament, both chambers approved the revised Environmental Protection Act and resolved all differences. This paves the way for a more circular economy in Switzerland, as demanded by Parliamentary Initiative 20.433 “Strengthening the Swiss circular economy”. The new law now explicitly talks about “conserving resources” and “closing cycles”. Waste must be reused or recycled “if this is technically possible and economically viable and has less impact on the environment than other disposal methods or the manufacture of new products.”

The much-discussed state monopoly on municipal waste has been retained, but the Federal Council can designate waste that must be collected separately. This could include plastic packaging and beverage cartons, for example, for which the RecyPac association  wants to set up a national harmonized collection and recycling system. The obligation to unpack unsold food was waived.

The SVI welcomes the revision of the law and is committed to the circular economy in the packaging system.

You can read about the changes to the law here