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  • SwissRecycle publishes white paper on the recyclability of paper and cardboard
SVI 7. May 2024 0 Comments

The aim of the white paper is to provide an overview of design for recycling recommendations for paper and cardboard packaging to ensure its recyclability in Switzerland. So far, there are few binding rules or regulations, and no mandatory recycling quotas. However, the quantity and quality of paper and cardboard collected in Switzerland is traditionally high. Due to circular economy targets in the EU, more lightweight packaging made from paper and cardboard composites is being brought onto the market. However, these cannot be recycled in Switzerland (Model and Perlen factories), which reduces the collection quality of paper and cardboard. The aim of this white paper is to create a common understanding of relevant international standards and national criteria for the recyclability of paper and cardboard packaging (P+C) and to provide an overview of the relevant stakeholders.
The white paper is primarily aimed at product marketers, their partners and service providers (design/graphic agencies, packaging developers, research and development).

Link to the whitepaper