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Was ist die JIG


Die JIG ist eine Initiative industrieller Partner in der Schweiz, welche Füllgüter und Bedarfsgegenstände (Verpackungen) herstellen und in Verkehr bringen.

Food safety and packaging – two buzzwords that have repeatedly made headlines for years. The demand for safe packaging for food by legislation and authorities as well as customers and consumers is likely to have reached all manufacturers by now being. The focus is on all materials and machines that can come into contact with food. The same problems are also evident in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and chemical industries.

The Swiss Packaging Institute SVI reacted early to deal with contamination safety and packaging in an interdisciplinary working group, a competence center, the Joint Industry Group for packaging safety (JIG). The JIG develops solutions along the value chain with a focus on “requirements for packaging and safety of packaging”. The JIG is financed by supporter and project contributions.

What is the purpose of the JIG?
The aim of the actors is to carry out conformity work within the value chain so that they can do justice to the food law mandate (self-control, risk management, legal conformity).

Packaging is becoming increasingly important in the area of quality assurance. It’s not just about the packaging protecting the packaged goods optimally, but that the packaging itself is safe and there are no transitions from the packaging to the contents. These transfers of unwanted substances from the packaging are called migration. Transfer in quantities sufficient to endanger human health is prohibited. The bottler must take every precaution to avoid such transitions. In doing so, he must work hand in hand with his suppliers and their suppliers.


Als JIG-Supporter können Sie von verschiedenen Mehrwerten und Leistungen profitieren


Jeder Betrieb, welcher an der Herstellung von Verpackungen für Lebensmittel beteiligt ist, muss für seine Produkte detaillierte Angaben haben


Gemeinsamer schweizerischer Weg für branchenverträgliche und zielorientierte Lösungen

In particular, the JIG aims to:

– Build know-how along the value chain to
    to be able to cope with compliance work in the industry.
– A platform for the exchange of information in the
    provide value chain.
– Provide space for exchange between the private sector
    Actors and the enforcement authorities and thus the dialogue between 
    Promote controllers and controlled.
– Make tools and guidelines available to the industry


JIG Services

Von welchen Leistungen können Sie als Supporter profitieren?

JIG Organisation

JIG Organisation

Wie funktioniert die Joint Industry Group JIG

JIG Finanzierung

JIG Finanzierung

Was dürfen sichere Lebensmittelverpackungen kosten?

Core topics of the JIG:

In order to make the work of our packaging industry easier, the JIG intends to develop and provide useful tools in the following fields of action:


Projektbezogene Finanzierung

Sichere Lebensmittelverpackungen


The SVI does not have sufficient financial resources in its regular budget to be able to advance the work of the JIG in terms of content and expertise. To cover the financial expenses, the SVI is dependent on the support of the interested production chain. Part of the funds required are generated through courses, workshops and conferences, but for the greater part the SVI is dependent on targeted support from companies and associations. Information about the added value and services for interested companies in the industry is provided here.

Depending on the type and size of the project, the funds required are between CHF 20,000 and CHF 80,000 per year. A substantial part of this has to be covered by contributions. The project will be advanced according to the available funds.

JIG contribution regulations

Project support is generally received for two years. Shorter or longer contract periods require written information. After signing the subscription form (contract), the contract runs until the end of the following year (December 31).

1.0 Supporter (single membership)
Companies in the packaging industry, companies in the packaging industry (packers, bottlers, users, trade), food producers, amount per year:

up to 10 employees CHF 600.00 excl. VAT

up to 25 employees CHF 1000.00 excl. VAT

up to 50 employees CHF 1,500.00 excl. VAT

up to 100 employees CHF 2,000.00 excl. VAT

up to 500 employees CHF 3,000.00 excl. VAT

up to 1000 employees CHF 5,000.00 excl. VAT

more than 1000 employees CHF 10,000.00 excl. VAT or by arrangement

2.0 Associations / organizations (collective member) by arrangement

3.0 Science and services by arrangement

Science from CHF 1,000.00 excl. VAT

Services from CHF 1,500.00 excl. VAT

4.0 Authorities and public institutions by arrangement

Come into effect:
Valid from January 1, 2016 according to the resolution and approval of the SVI Board



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