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The main motive for many companies to become involved in the SVI is the desire to play an active role in shaping what is happening in the industry at the interface between politics, business and the public. Promoting public understanding of the common interests of packaging and strengthening the status of the Swiss packaging industry are other important concerns.

Federal Office for National Economic Supply BWL

Ensuring the availability of goods and services is the task of the economy. If the economy can no longer perform this function itself in the event of severe shortages, the state intervenes in the market with targeted measures, for example to close gaps in the supply of essential goods and services.

Joint Industry Group

The Joint Industry Group is a Competence Center of the Swiss Packaging Institute SVI and is dedicated to the topic of “safe packaging”. The JIG is financed by supporter and project contributions.

Circular economy hub

The Swiss Recycling Hub is a project of Swiss Recycling, the umbrella organization of Swiss recycling organizations. The hub offers a platform for committed companies, prepares relevant knowledge for the economy and promotes specific focal points. The hub was launched at the end of 2018 and now has over 60 partners. The entire value chain is represented.

The Swiss Packaging Institute SVI has been a representative of the packaging industry since the hub was founded.
All those involved can learn from each other and develop recommendations, e.g. with regard to design for recycling or the use of recyclates. As a competence center, the circular economy hub provides the industry with up-to-date knowledge and interesting services.

The “House of Packaging”

We offer our services to other packaging or packaging material associations and interest groups in the packaging industry. We see ourselves as the House of Packaging, which is intended to serve as a platform for the packaging industry. 

Technical packaging and hazardous goods

The Technical Packaging and Dangerous Goods specialist group has been in existence since 1995 and focuses on technical packaging. The specialist group deals with the material-neutral processing of packaging issues from industry, trade and the technical area of hobby articles (specialist markets). This also includes the packaging of hazardous goods. In addition to the exchange of information and experience, higher-level specialist areas such as safety, logistics, standards, etc. will also be discussed.

Healthcare Packaging Experts

The Healthcare Packaging Experts specialist group is made up of representatives from the various stages of the pharmaceutical packaging value chain. The aim of the specialist group is the exchange of know-how along the entire value chain and networking among the members of the specialist group. Regular events on current topics offer the opportunity for exchange and knowledge transfer with specialists.

Every year, the SVI organizes a transnational conference on current topics in pharmaceutical packaging together with the APV from Mainz, Germany.
APV/SVI Pharma Packaging Forum

Going it alone is expensive and concentrated knowledge from all parts of the industry, enforcement and science leads to solutions that are supported by all parties involved. Various projects from the SVI specialist groups have already become guidelines for the entire packaging industry.


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