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Since July 1, 2022, the so-called extended registration obligation applies in Germany, which has now come into force with an amendment to the German Packaging Act of 2019. In brief, this means that all traders who commercially

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Exciting and meaningful professions - as versatile as life! Every day, many people work to ensure the availability of our goods. Logistics service providers, transport and forwarding companies alone employ over 200,000 people throughout Switzerland. But not

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The winners of the Swiss Packaging Award 2022 have been chosen: At the awards ceremony in the old printing works in Baden, nine companies were honored with the renowned Swiss Packaging Award for their innovative packaging solutions.

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The prices for plastic and other materials are skyrocketing. This not only makes our products more expensive, but also endangers them worst case, the supply. to the report

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A law has been in force in the canton of Jura since the beginning of the year that obliges larger retailers to sell so-called “superfluous” Take back packaging material and collect it separately. Other cantons are discussing

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After Switzerland largely followed the EU sanctions against Russia and Belarus, Swiss companies are also subject to trade restrictions. Whether companies and goods in the packaging industry are affected must be considered on a case-by-case basis. The

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European packaging institutes call for joint action to defend shared values in packaging science, education and collaboration. EPIC, the organization of European packaging institutes, is calling for joint action following Russia's attack on Ukraine last week. Prag-Helsinki-Berlin-London-Brüssel-Warschau-Mailand-Bern-Oslo-Valencia-Riga-Kiew-Athen-Kopenhagen-Wien-Gouda

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The SVI registers a new member. Bigler AG Fleischwaren places its trust in the SVI. Bigler AG Fleischwaren also focuses on training and further education and has two packaging managers trained with us. Link zur Bigler AG

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Faircap has acquired NYCO Flexible Packaging ("NYCO") from Clondalkin Group. NYCO is a manufacturer of sustainable packaging solutions for the food, beverage, household, personal care and healthcare industries in Europe. more

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Welcome to the packaging elite Congratulations to 9 new packaging managers on receiving the federal diploma! From top left to right: Stephanie Deppeler, DOMACO / Dr. medical Aufdermaur AG Antonio Vidakovic, MODEL AG Marco Uehlinger, Schelling AG