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Bern, 21.11.2023 - Representatives of the Confederation, cantons and social partners have paved the way for the development of a consultation draft to strengthen higher vocational education and training by protecting the designation "Höhere Fachschule" and introducing the title supplements

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To implement a circular economy for plastic packaging and beverage cartons, producers and players in the value chain founded the new association "RecyPac - Kreislauf Plastik und Getränkekarton" on November 30, 2023. Its aim is to establish

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Bern, 21.11.2023 - Less and less waste is ending up in garbage bags in Switzerland. Nevertheless, over 20% of waste consists of materials that could actually be recycled. In addition, more than half of the food waste that is thrown

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A new study by the Gesellschaft für Verpackungsmarktforschung (GVM) on behalf of the IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen comes to the conclusion that plastic packaging is particularly resource-efficient compared to other packaging materials. On average, one kilogram of product

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The morning guest on Radio SRF 1 on 7.11.23 was Marcel Pfeiffer from Bachmann Forming AG, arranged by the SVI. The topic of packaging and recyclability was the subject of an extremely interesting discussion. Radio SRF also

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The largest, oldest and most prestigious packaging competition in Switzerland was launched with a new category "Reusable packaging / reusable systems". For the 55th time, the prizes for the most innovative packaging will be awarded in nine

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Packaging that is difficult to open is a nuisance. Who developed this packaging? This question pops into your head when shrink-wrapped meat won't come out of the plastic or when pasta trickles out of the opened pack

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Schwarz oder grau, klare Formen, aufmerksamkeitsstarke Schriften – Verpackungen für Männerkosmetik werden auch 2023 immer noch nach einem ähnlichen Schema hergestellt. Antworten vom Schweizer Neuromarketing-Experten Philipp Zutt. 11.2023 | KOSMETIK international

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Bern, October 27, 2023. Babette Sigg and her board members were confirmed at the extraordinary general meeting.  Even though there has been an initiated smear campaign against Babette Sigg and her colleagues on the board in recent

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From 13.11. delegations from 170 countries around the world will discuss a global plastics agreement (UN Environment Programme) in the third round in Nairobi. It is about preventing environmental damage from plastic waste, because without necessary interventions,