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Design for recycling for more circular economy

Optimized eco-design and design for recycling are key to a more circular economy. This requires concrete recommendations and tools. The links below provide general principles and recommendations for better Design for Recycling.

Design for Recycling stands at the beginning of every packaging development and, from an ecological point of view, must focus on the contents – and not the packaging.

Faktenblatt Design for Recycling

Empfehlungen Design for Recycling FH Wien

Guidelines Design for Recycling PET-Trays

Guidelines Rezyklat

Faktenblatt Erweiterte Produzentenverantwortung (EPV)

Leitfaden Produktebeschriftung

Haltung und Empfehlung Sammlung von Kunststoffabfällen aus Haushalten

CEFLEX Guidelines (flexible packaging)

RecyClass - Guidelines