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JIG organization

The sponsors of the Joint Industry Group are, in addition to the Swiss Packaging Institute SVI, the participating industry associations and the JIG supporters. The supporters are companies and institutions that have signed up for the project by means of a subscription form.

Various JIG committees work on the project. The project committee and the SVI office manage the specialist group strategically and operationally. The leadership group and the project groups develop solutions and tools for the topics of the JIG, with the support of authorities and science. In the JIG General Assembly, all those involved meet twice a year to exchange information on progress and upcoming activities. The focus is also on the exchange of experience and information and offers a good opportunity for networking.

The main areas of activity of the JIG are the projects, the toolbox and awareness-raising and training. Here the JIG topics are processed, solutions and tools are provided and future priorities are looked out for. The range of training courses, communication, knowledge exchange and events are derived from these areas.

How does the Joint Industry Group JIG work